Mortgage or cash loan - how to get it in Poland

Mortgage or loanChange of place of residence necessitates adaptation to the new environment. Often the following regulations may differ from those in other countries.It is worth seeing what the loan case looks like if you are planning to contact the bank. Proof of income and trc card will always be required.

A simple matter is to get a cash loan or credit card. Sometimes you can have an offer prepared at a bank where you have a bank account. It is not always possible, because some banks do not offer loans to foreigners. In this case, you must apply for a loan on the basis of complete documentation. An important is the possession of a residence card. In most cases, banks will make the credit period dependent on its validity. This will not be a basic requirement for all banks. Sometimes it is possible to apply for a period exceeding the validity of the card. You will also be asked to document your income. If you are employed on a contract, in most cases it is enough to show the receipts of salary in your bank account. The loan amount depends on earnings and personnel expenses. If you are a citizen of the European Union countries, you will not need a residence card - apart from the passport, the PESEL number alone may be enough. If you run a company, the bank will ask for its full documentation.The minimum period of running a business is usually 12 months.

Getting a mortgage is a bit more complex. Bank will carefully check your salary. You will need an income certificate. In addition, it is important to check and determine the value of the property. It is worth adding that people from outside the European Union will sometimes need a special purchase permit. This applies to the case of:

  • Land purchase
  • Buying real estate for residential purposes over 0.5 ha
  • Purchase in the border area up to 100 km

In other cases, it is enough to obtain funds for the purchase and go with the seller to a notary. It is worth remembering that if you buy an apartment on the secondary market, you have to pay a tax of 2%.

Why you should use the help of a specialist

It saves time and money, which are always worth saving in order to be used in a more effective way. Do not waste time comparing loan offers. You will get and arrange everything in one place. I know the loan-granting process very well and I know how you can get a decision quickly and effectively. I am rewarded by the bank for every acquired client. I care about long cooperation, that is why I will try to get the lowest price for your loan. Let meet - The first meeting aims to select the best offers of banks in which the client can receive financing. The purpose, creditworthiness and form of employment should be taken into account.

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